Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Hysterical Literature": Women Who Read Until Orgasm

‘Hysterical Literature’ creator Clayton Cubitt on the high price of filthy business.
reprinted from The Daily Beast by Rich Goldstein.

“I like fucking with people,” Clayton Cubitt says. “I like subverting expectations.”

Cubitt’s newest project is Hysterical Literature, a series of videos featuring a female subject reading aloud while being simultaneously masturbated with a Hitachi Magic Wand, the so-called “Cadillac of Vibrators.” The videos begin with the subject introducing themselves and the text they have personally selected for presentation. The session lasts as long as the reader. When the subject has an orgasm, she stops reading. The longest so far is 11 minutes and 42 seconds.

Cubitt, a native of Louisiana, broke into the public consciousness for his photojournalism in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. The photos he took—called Operation Eden—were a direct reaction to the journalistic images that disseminated throughout the United States by traditional media outlets.

“For years I've done projects that were about photographing or filming people when they were distracted,” Cubitt says. “Partly this stemmed from my controlled experience of making celebrity portraits, and seeing how the tendency toward ‘branded personality’ was starting to metastasize into the larger culture, as everyone started developing what we now we call selfies.”

The first Hysterical Literature video posted in August of 2012 and featured adult entertainer and writer Stoya giving a reading from the Necrophilia Variations by Supervert. Subsequent guests have included comedian Margaret Cho and self proclaimed “hurricane of intellectual sexuality,” Stormy Leather. The project has received some coverage in the press, including an in-depth analysis by and, but Cubitt considers the majority of stories “shallow” and more focused on the participation of a celebrity like Margaret Cho or Stoya.

For all its filthiness, Hysterical Literature is....

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